Mark Vitamvas, Project Manager

Through the 'years' at Lickel Architecture I've had the pleasure of working with and for numerous peers, clients and consultants that have enriched my life with untold experiences. Working for a small firm has provided opportunities to work on a variety of projects from small storage additions to multi-million dollar movie theatres, whether small or large each project maintains a special place in my heart and at times will go out of my way to see one of those projects. Since the days relaxing (oops I meant studying) at Kansas State I have tried to keep two creeds in the fore front of my life and that is to 'you can always learn more' and 'enjoy what life puts in front of you'.

Outside of work my wife and I enjoy watching our son and daughter grow and learn, cheering on the Wildcats and The Orange (Syracuse), visiting family and soon to come family summer vacations (think National Lampoon's). I have always had a great interest in the sciences and have on many occasions have made my family endure watching some show about either galaxies, stars, volcanoes, plate tectonics, weather and such on the Science Channel.

Favorite Band: Metallica to Neil Diamond
Favorite Pastimes: Traveling, sports, movies, star gazing, hanging with friends, food, golf.
College Nickname: Vitty
Favorite thing about Work: Watching the firm grow with hard working friends!