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Mission Statement, Project Approach, Firm Philosophy, Profile or simply put… WHO ARE WE? I think to start, it would be best if you were introduced to the parts that make up the whole.


At this point, typically, there would be an elaboration on teamwork, innovation, client relationships, design excellence, and creative problem solving with a genuine emphasis in client satisfaction. This section of most architects’ web sites will discuss, in part or whole, similar topics… and like most architects, I completely agree with every one of them. To me, those are the quality standards to which all good companies and good architects are measured, and to be totally honest, I think a lot of Architectural Firms possess them.

If we accept these qualities as a minimum standard, then what exactly sets architectural firms apart? In order to have an apples-to-apples comparison, I think we need to separate out the apples from the oranges from the grapefruit!

What/Who is Lickel Architecture —We are a eight to twelve person firm and I (Dan Lickel) have been the sole proprietor since 2001. We maintain an informal working environment which helps create a fun and energetic atmosphere. Everyone at Lickel Architecture has Architectural Degrees and is either a licensed architect or in the process of qualifying to become a licensed architect. We don’t have a hierarchy of staffing, which allows each person to manage their own projects. As the owner, I assist each project from beginning to end.

Hopefully, that explained the ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are (the apple, orange or the grapefruit!!) which should help in knowing if we are right for your project. So, this brings us to the actual apple-to-apple comparison, and whether we are the right firm for you.

Our strength lies in our ability to really listen to a client and adapt our skills to their needs, instead of forcing the client to adapt their needs to our skill sets. Different clients have drastically different needs. We pride ourselves on being versatile enough to understand the services required for new buildings vs. existing remodels, high end projects vs. low maintenance projects, and smaller projects that don’t require a lot of ‘hand-holding’ vs. large scale projects that require constant attention. We have the ability (and have been asked on several occasions) to fit into an existing team or create a brand new team of consultants ranging from structural to kitchen design to acoustics. At the end of the day, Architecture is a service industry…it’s about serving the client. We feel that starts with really listening to you, the client.

Hopefully that gave you a decent outline of what kind of architectural firm we are and what type of service you can expect from us. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you for your time!

Dan Lickel