Amanda Mihelcic, Project MANAGER

Yet another graduate of Kansas State University (deal with it KU fans), I received my Master’s in 2013 in Architecture. As a “new kid” here at Lickel, I’ve worked on various projects and have enjoyed every minute of it. They say that if you love what you do, then it won’t be work. Well, I can’t remember who “they” were, but “they” were right. Lickel is the perfect balance of work and play, and with great people, could it get any better than that?

I never get tired of:
• Boxing/kickboxing/Tae Kwon Do- but I’m usually exhausted after class though…
• Reading a good book- there’s way too many books out there and so little time!
• Snowboarding- until an unscheduled gravity check occurs
• Traveling- Europe. Be prepared. I’m coming back. Plan accordingly.
• Food- cheeseburgers and povitica (Croatian nut bread) are my weaknesses.
• Singing- preferably in my car. Very loudly. And occasionally off-key.
• Quoting- She’s the Man, Pitch Perfect, Office Space, Out Cold, and yes, even Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
• Music- anything from Disco, Rock, Rap, Pop, Country, and Croatian Polka- you name it and I probably like it.
• My family- think the family from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, only we’re Croatian. And we know what a Bundt cake is.
• My friends- enough said.
• “Acting a Fool”- life’s too short to sweat about the small stuff. I’m a dork. I embrace it ☺