Kids with Courage



    Not all little girls and boys get to live the fairy tale belief of American childhood according to which children are meant to live happily ever after, enjoy fun and carefree childhoods, nor die too soon.  Each year 15,000 children, young people and families in the United States face the fear of being diagnosed with the life-altering, life-threatening widely misunderstood disease—Type 1 diabetes. It is a tragedy that changes the life for the child and the entire family, forever.

     The Kids With Courage story all began with a brave 7year old from Lee’s Summit, MO whose family had to face that fear and find a way to live life the best that you can managing a complex, deadly disease. On March 9, 2006, McGwire Bottcher, a little first grader was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. McGwire’s life changed that day as she was placed in a world of medical procedure and protocol. Being forced to battle and bear the burdens of a demanding, dreadful, life changing, life threatening disease and live a life full of numerous blood tests a day (finger pokes), multiple daily injections of insulin, restrictions, interruptions and worries that children should not have to concern themselves with is challenging. Yet McGwire found a way to wake up each and every day with a smile. This amazing child inspired her mom, the Kids With Courage founder Daphna Bottcher with unwavering strength and courage.

     As a parent of a child diagnosed with Type 1, Daphna quickly realized that hope alone was passively inadequate to manage the daily challenges and demands of this devastating, scary disease. Daphna knew she wanted something more. The kids who battle each day to live needed more. They deserved more. A lot more. While no organization filled that void, Daphna developed the idea and pursued the creation of an organization that proactively promotes courage as its cornerstone, believing that daily courage is an essential tool to fight this disease. The Kids With Courage Foundation created a way to help newly diagnosed children, young people and their families feel less scared, alone, lost and overwhelmed, bring comfort, direction, education and a bit of courage to help them adjust to life after this devastating diagnosis through it’s ‘Crate, Full of Courage’ program.

    On September 17, 2007 the first 'Crate, Full of Courage', a bundle of encouragement, overflowing with essential tools, educational materials, resources, love and support was delivered to a newly diagnosed patient with Type 1 diabetes at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Since then, thousands have been delivered.

The Kids With Courage Foundation is a unique charity for many reasons.

Direct Impact.   The Kids With Courage Foundation caring supporters can proudly say that they make a positive and direct impact in the lives of children and young people as they come to the rescue of families in crisis.

Vital and different role. While other diabetes organizations are all about the future, finding a cure and fundraising, KWC plays a vital and different role.  Type 1 children, young people and their families/loved ones are supported 'now' –here in the present from those first few crushing days after diagnosis and onward.  Families quickly learn that they are not alone with this dreadful diagnosis.

One Idea That Matters, and Matters A Lot. Courage (cour-age) defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.  Courage is at the cornerstone of the Kids With Courage Foundation. The demands and constant challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes is grueling.  Learning how to meet those demands and constant challenges is a process.  But having the courage to actively take charge of your condition, learning everything you can, and doing your part to manage it, will make you feel stronger and better equipped to meet the difficulties and challenges Type 1 brings.  We believe that daily courage is an essential tool.